Should You Wear Silver Or Gold?

Should you wear Silver or Gold? Ok, well... you should wear whatever you want. However, if you're looking to find out which one will compliment your skin tone the best, you're in the right spot. 

The first step is to determine the undertone of your skin. If you don't already know your undertone, don't fret, it's easy to figure it out. Take a look at the veins on the underside of your wrist or elbow (Note: it's best to do this in natural light). If your veins appear blue or purple, then you have colder undertones. If the veins appear more green with yellow shades, then you are warm toned. If it looks like you have both, or it's hard to tell, then you likely have neutral undertones. 

Once you've determined your undertones, you can figure out which colour of jewellery will compliment your skin the most. Cooler undertones will look best with silver or white gold. Warmer colours such as yellow gold may "wash out" paler skin. On the contrary, warmer undertones look best with yellow gold. Those with neutral undertones are lucky, as both silver and gold will compliment the skin nicely. 

That being said, you can wear whatever you want! Either way, you will glimmer and shine. 

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