How To Style Layering Chains

You might be noticing that more and more people are layering their necklaces and chains. You also might be wondering.. "how the heck do I do that without it looking tacky!?". If that's you, worry not! Read on for our tips on creating the perfect stack. 



1. Different chain lengths are key! Whether it’s a 14” length choker or 27” long chain, the base to creating the perfect layer really is getting the lengths right. Start with one or two chains, all at least 2” in difference. For example, a 14" choker, with 16" and 20" chains below. 



2. Play with different sizes. While you can create a lovely stack with similar (if not the same) width chains, you can also mix it up with one or two bold/thick chains. For example, a 4.5mm Herringbone chain with 2mm rope chains creates interesting contrast. 


Statement Pieces

3. Add statement pieces! These are usually chains that have pendants, or charms, and thus make more of a 'statement'. Don't overdo it here; typically just one pendant is enough. These pieces are typically the longest in the stack, to create an aesthetic balance. For example, our Cruz Necklace is a great statement piece.

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