How To Find Your Ring Size Quickly And Easily


We all love the convenience and comfort of online shopping, but one of the very few downfalls is not being able to try on the product before purchasing. Thankfully, jewellery is very easy to size yourself, as measurements are pretty much universal. Follow our quick guide here on finding your ring size at home.

1. Find some string, dental floss or a strip of paper. This will be your measuring tool. Be sure to have a pen or marker nearby.

Ring size conversion chart- mm to ring size

2. Use the string to measure your finger by wrapping it around it's base. Don't hold it too tight or too loose (think about how you want the ring to fit). Use the pen or marker to mark where the string overlaps. 

3. Lie the string flat and straight, and measure up to where you marked it using a ruler.

4. Use the chart to the right to convert the measurement into your ring size!


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Now that you know your size, check out our collection of gold-filled and solid gold rings! Happy shopping!


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